On Friday, we spoke with the counselors on the case to clarify everything that was in the letter that some players received this past week. 

It’s stating that our payout is only going to be $7,280.00, and we are not a priority claim so we are only going to be getting 8-12% of that. So, it’ll be around $580-$750. We were also told not to expect that until the end of 2021. 

If your name was listed in the email last week, there was a mistake in the filing, meaning you filed as priority status instead of unsecured or the amount didn’t match what they have settled to pay out. You don’t have to do anything individually; they are going to slot us in where we’re supposed to be. 

This is likely to be the final update on the case. If we hear of any disbursement dates, we will keep you updated. 

Last modified: June 22, 2021