This is collected information over the last two months from players and coaches. We’ve been asked to address this situation because a lot of guys have felt they have been pulled back and forth on a number of critical details. Below is what we’ve gathered.


  • There are a couple teams who do not have a head coach at the moment and the report date is set for April 17th.
  • St.Louis: No Coach –
  • Louisville: No coach –   
  • Most teams only have 1 coach listed
  • We’ve reached out to a number of coaches listed and emails have gotten bounced as it appears they are not current or up to date. 
  • We’ve talked to some coaches and their rosters are not full yet 
  • One coach has said for the last two years he has had to pay for his players what was supposed to be paid for by the league 


  • Players are currently listed on team rosters that are officially on rosters for completely different leagues.
  • Players have reported in years past that they have arrived at designated hotels and rooms were not paid for.
  • PLAYER CONTRACTS: $250.00 – $1250.00 a week is what has been reported. 


  • We have reached out to multiple locations in Fort Wayne and talked to operations people and no one has confirmed any agreements to host NGL as of yet. 
  • A bubble scenario would be the most expensive and indoor facility that could host it is playing hockey and has said they are not hosting the NGL. 


  • This league has been trying to get off the ground for almost 4 years and nothing has happened yet except for players paying for tryouts over and over again. There have also been dates continuously getting pushed back. Until we hear from a Chairman or Executive, we recommend you do your own due diligence is pursuing an opportunity here.
Last modified: April 7, 2021