We wanted to inform you that because of travel restrictions being lifted, various professional leagues in Europe can now SIGN and FLY over the players they want from the States.  We have spoken with a handful of players and coaches overseas and this is what we’ve learned.  

Generally speaking, per month salaries are 600 to 3000 euros with 2 free meals, housing, car use, team health insurance or anything else you are able to negotiate. Flights to and from are also covered If you or your agent are interested and have any questions please reach out. 

There are about 8-10 weeks left in the season. DO NOT pay any fees as you can register yourself if you are interested on www.europlayers.com another site to check out is www.Americanfootballinternational.com. There is a premium option that you can pay for. We talked to a coach from Barcelona (who is a former XFL player) and he says it’s not a bad deal because you can set up exactly where and who you would like to talk to. 

The ELF and German League are the “big two” and there are well run leagues in Poland, Finland, Denmark, Scandinavia, Italy, France, and Spain.

We have players and coaches contacts from overseas, and if you have any questions, many are willing to help by sharing useful information.

Of course, you can always reach out to us directly and we can help facilitate. 

Last modified: July 6, 2021