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(The United Football Players Association (“U.F.P.A.”) was established in 2020 and has since worked on facilitating information, with the objective of establishing transparency between players and these leagues. Empowering players to create a reasonable and fair working environment at a level that we have never had an input in any contract we’ve signed.  Accountability to the owners of these leagues to do right by the players and for us as players to take more control of our careers, and mindfulness to find ways we can develop and grow with these opportunities both on and off the field.

The UFPA was formed because the spring league level lacked a collective voice from the players that play in it. We have seen professional players have little protection or benefits, Injured players released while under contract, medical benefits after being released due to injury have been poor, and usually left up to the player alone to find and access to sufficient rehab to get back to playing status. Player contracts are not standard across the spring leagues. Coaches and management can, in effect, do what they want, when they want, at any time they wanted. In 2022 We look to take the first steps to change these things with the help of the United Steelworkers.)


UFPA Members

With well over almost 1,800 Players, we have guys from every level and all over the world from the states to multiple countries overseas that we’ve been able to communicate and build bridges to connect opportunities and chances to climb up the ladder of the football world.


Executive Staff

Kenneth Farrow II

UFPA President

Nick Temple

Vice President

Ryan Cave

Board Executive

Don Povia

Board Executive