We have been working hard the last 6 months to get an opportunity to have our voices heard and gain a seat at the table as new spring leagues begin to develop. We are proud to announce as of yesterday morning, we are in the process of setting up a meeting with the XFL’s football operations team.

Just this morning, Dwayne Johnson tweeted the following:

This is positive news. It shows that the league isn’t rushing to get back on the field, while giving us the opportunity to push important points on behalf of players.

Many of us have been in the dark about all this, but through hard work, dedication, and a lot of people behind the scenes working on our behalf, we have multiple channels to relay and receive information.

We are told that all XFL roster players will soon be receiving an email from the league.  When you read it, think about what matters most to you with the relaunch…the pros and cons of various league’s you’ve been a part of.  We all want to play football, but we have long lives ahead of us and it’s important that we are mindful of the physical and mental, not to mention economic, impacts that our work has upon us.

We sent out a survey the other day about what we’ve identified as our top issues. With today’s announcement, it is extremely important that we get as many of these surveys done so we have a true gage on what we as players are expecting from the XFL 3.0 ownership.

If you have not taken the survey, please do so today. Our first official players meeting details will be coming to you shortly. please be aware that we want to be out in front of what is being built this time and our urgency is going to dictate what we can ultimately accomplish for the coming season. Look forward to hearing and seeing you all very soon!

Last modified: November 25, 2020