The last couple of weeks have been great for the UFPA. We’ve been able to meet with about 150 current players, and the ideas and insight brought to these meeting have been a huge step in pin pointing what OUR mission as an association is:  a T.E.A.M. mentality: Transparency, Empowerment, Accountability, and Mindfulness.

Through our meetings, we’ve identified these as the areas towards which we will be taking action.

In recent days we’ve added two former stars to our advisory board – Keith Bulluck and TJ Ward, along with current Chargers Safety Jahleel Addae. These guys have had great careers and are wanting to see the players treated right at all levels. We’ve talked with former NFLPA presidents and representatives and the constant message from them is that This is needed,” and as players we have to understand our value.

Out of these meetings we’ve learned that workers comp and player salary are 1A and 1B on the priority list. We are approaching our launch and we need to start coming together as a collective to really make the impact we are envisioning.

To advance our information gathering and research, we have partnered with a handful of Sports Management graduate students at The George Washington University who have put together the following survey on our behalf.  Please take a few minutes to contribute.

Last modified: November 25, 2020