What We Know

What We Know: NGL

This is collected information over the last two months from players and coaches. We’ve been asked to address this situation because a lot of guys have felt they have been pulled back and forth on a number of critical details. Below is what we’ve gathered.


Farrow on XFL News Room’s Gridiron Gallery

Kenneth also discusses the United Football Players Association in detail including their mission for spring football players, their goals for XFL 2022, and the lessons he learned from past spring football experiences that he is using to help others. This was an awesome show you don’t want to miss!


CFL Contract and XFL/AAF Tax Updates

We have to know every part of this business as players just like the people that run it do because there is a track record that says if we don’t there’s a chance we will be taken advantage of. This has been a cycle and the only way to break it is for us to get educated and understand how powerful we are as a collective group of employees in this industry.


The Insiders: Milo Eifler, LB, Illinois

Kenneth and Vic were on hand at the 2021 College Gridiron Showcase in Ft. Worth, TX, and spoke with Illinois LB Milo Eifler, a Washington transfer and All-Big Ten selection about protocols put in place during the season, adjustments made in training and preparation, and what he’s looking to accomplish heading into the draft.