European League Updates

Various professional leagues in Europe can now SIGN and FLY over the players they want from the States. We have spoken with a handful of players and coaches overseas and this is what we’ve learned.


XFL Bankruptcy Update

On Friday, we spoke with the counselors on the case to clarify everything that was in the letter that some players received this past week. It’s stating that our payout is only going to be $7,280.00, and we are not a priority claim so we are only going to be getting 8-12% of that. So, it’ll be around $580-$750. We were also told not to expect that until the end of 2021.

What We Know

What We Know: NGL

This is collected information over the last two months from players and coaches. We’ve been asked to address this situation because a lot of guys have felt they have been pulled back and forth on a number of critical details. Below is what we’ve gathered.


Farrow on XFL News Room’s Gridiron Gallery

Kenneth also discusses the United Football Players Association in detail including their mission for spring football players, their goals for XFL 2022, and the lessons he learned from past spring football experiences that he is using to help others. This was an awesome show you don’t want to miss!