Meet Coach Rick Scarpulla. Coach Scarpulla will be serving as the Head Advisor for Strength and Conditioning for The United Football Players Association and overseeing Injury Prevention.

Coach is one of the most sought after speed and strength coaches in the game today. He is known for his innovative and cutting edge techniques while combining them with his tried and true pure strength first approach.

With over 30 years Coaching experience in the speed and strength game he has worked with pro and Olympic athletes, as well as many top college programs. Scarpulla was Head Coach at the USMA  (West Point) for the Army Powerlifting Team for over 14 years, winning the coveted Commanders Cup Trophy 14 straight times while brining home numerous National Collegiate Champions and All-Americans. During that time he is credited with creating the program used in place at West Point during his tenure.

Scarpulla has also traveled the globe teaching his methods to a number of athletes and coaches alike in such places as China, Canada, The British West indies, South America and the North Pole just to name a few. He has also done seminars in over 20 states in the US as well.  

Along with that he has also worked with NIKE as a coach for the NFTC football camps as a top SPARQ Coach, as well as being part of the famed Westside Barbell Seminar staff with super strength guru Louie Simmons..  

He is the founder and creator of The Ultimate Advantage Training Center located in upstate NY, an athletes only training center where he has helped develop and train some of the nations top athletes.

He has written countless articles and serves as a “go to guy” for many coaches across the country. He is the guy the coaches come to when they need some help.  This along with countless other accolades deem him the man for the job with the UFPA.

Coach Scarpulla will be in charge of addressing the issues of our player’s injury prevention and strength development protocols. He will be working closely with coaching staffs and players educating and consulting them to help limit the risk of injury to our players. 

Through proper strength training and injury prevention protocols we feel strongly that we can not only increase the longevity and health of our players but increase the level of play as well.

Coach Scarpulla will be there to help protect the players through a series of carefully implemented training practices and bring a new level of understanding to all of our coaches and players alike.

His methods are proven and established and will be an integral part of player development and player safety. We are proud to have Coach Scarpulla as a part of our team.


Twitter: RickScarpullaUA

Facebook: Ultimate Advantage Training/Rick Scarpulla

IG: ultimate_advantage

Last modified: December 16, 2020