Eric Kussin will be serving as Head Advisor for Mental Health Programming, Wellness, Resiliency and Mental Performance for The United Football Players Association.

Kussin is a 20-year professional sports executive, who got his start at the NBA League Office. After five years with the League, he went the team business route and rose through the ranks with the expansion Chicago Sky & the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. He then switched over to the NHL, leading large staffs with the New Jersey Devils and Florida Panthers.  

However, a debilitating mental health crisis stopped Kussin’s career and life in its tracks for over two and a half years. After many failed treatment modalities, he was lucky enough to learn healing practices that enabled him to dig out of his abyss, and ultimately thrive. He found a higher calling, launching a non-profit at the end of 2017 called, We’re All a Little “Crazy,” The Global Mental Health Alliance. 

The Alliance is comprised of athletes and celebrities, along with media members, expert practitioners, advocates, and everyday heroes who’ve come together to make talking about mental health a common topic for “5 out of 5” of us. Their #SameHere Movement and its customized programs has swept across college campuses in the US from Cornell to USC, K-12’s, Corporate Offices from CNBC to JP Morgan Chase, Professional Sports Teams from the LA Clippers to the New York Mets, and front line workers from the Department of Defense to the NYPD in just under three years. 

The Movement has recently begun to expand globally as well, with events in markets outside of the US.  Their programs are sought after because of the practicality with which they are built. A baseline understanding of the science of stress and trauma and their impact on our biology are learned by all who attend their programs, and all of their clients leave with a game plan as to how to build customized “Gyms for Their Brains” to complement the gym routines they use for their bodies and athletic performance.

Kussin will be in charge of addressing the issues our players may deal with off the field (common life challenges many can relate to), and direct them to the appropriate expert resources that his organization provides via their alliances.  He will be working closely with coaching staffs and players educating and consulting them as to the best ways to handle difficult life situations, cope, and even thrive because of the perspectives gained from adversities they’ve faced.

Kussin will also introduce players to emerging technologies and apps that can be used as effective “training tools” throughout each day, to put players in the most positive mindset possible.

The Movement’s methods are proven and established and will be an integral part of player development and player growth. We are proud to have Mr. Kussin as a part of our team.


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Last modified: December 16, 2020