We are proud to announce that last week we held our first players meeting where we elected our executive team. We want to thank everyone who was able to come on and join. We were able to finally set the foundation for all of the work we will be doing in 2021 to bring the Transparency, Empowerment, Accountability and Mindfulness that we have made our pillars of this association to Our Game.

This week we will be rolling out our introductions to our Executive Board via socials and UnitedPlayers.org. Please be on the lookout for upcoming player meetings to start to shape what we want the game of football to look like for us as players in the XFL and other leagues as well.


Some new developments have come out about the player contracts (specifically player rights to sign with other leagues) for the CFL, which are extremely important for guys to know about because it could put some people in a binding situation if you are not aware of the contractual details before signing. Make sure you know that if you sign with a CFL team and you have a team option deal, you will not be able to come back in 2022 to the States to play in the XFL. Several players have brought this to attention and usually this is supposed to be something communicated to you from your agent or representation. WE ARE JUST MAKING SURE EVERYBODY IS AWARE!

AAF and XFL Tax Situation

There have also been things brought to light about the AAF tax situation that is extremely important regarding tax returns, stimulus checks, and how taxes will need to be handled for this upcoming year if you have been affected by the AAF financial situation. The XFL has also yet to send out our W-2’s which – we’ve learned from the AAF – is not a good sign. We will be addressing all of these issues and will be keeping everybody in the loop on how to acquire our W-2’s from the AAF or XFL moving forward.

We have to know every part of this business as players just like the people that run it do because there is a track record that says if we don’t there’s a chance we will be taken advantage of. This has been a cycle and the only way to break it is for us to get educated and understand how powerful we are as a collective group of employees in this industry. 

TRANSPARENCY, EMPOWERMENT, ACCOUNTABILITY, MINDFULNESS. We are a team in all of this and the UFPA is a movement to ensure a better future for us as a football brotherhood. 

Last modified: January 25, 2021