Back in March after the folding of the XFL, I and a handful of players got together and started discussing issues from the past two leagues (AAF, XFL), which we feel need to be addressed ahead of any new professional league taking the field beyond 2020, including: player nutrition, living arrangements, pay, practice facility conditions, weight lifting conditions, and most importantly long-term player health and safety concerns.

After months of meetings, organizing, and brainstorming, we will soon announce the launch of United Football Players Association, a 501c4 organization focused on ensuring the health and well-being of professional football players, as well as spearheading issues such as fairness, transparency and overall positive treatment of players on all levels.  

With the game facing unprecedented circumstances, the UFPA believes that taking an active part in the multiple and ongoing discussions of how these times are affecting our sport is our right. It is long overdue that we, as professionals, organize, unite, and take responsibility for our careers and livelihoods.

We have put together a coalition of dozens of current and former players, as well as advisors with strong ties in labor organizing, academia, public relations, league front offices, sports business, startups, mental health, and nutrition.  

But we need your support.  Before going public, we need to bring additional players onboard, get everyone in unison, and collectively push for the betterment of our teammates, the leagues, and the sport as a whole. 

Last modified: November 25, 2020